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Discreet theatre is performance without a spotlight or microphone. It is acting without a stage or curtain call. Performers involved in Discreet Theatre do not draw much attention to their entrance and seldom distinguish themselves from the general public. The audience that engages with them may find them strange or extraordinary, but few would suspect their actions and characters to be fraudulent. The actors engaged in Discreet Theatre are the subject of future dinner conversation and breakroom gossip, as in, “You wouldn’t believe the person I met last night,” or “This guy did the most peculiar thing.” Discreet Theatre can employ several people in action and narrative, but it is always critical to underline the importance of being discreet.

Well art grants are usually something people give out for free, but in the state of Washington, giving out booze for free is illegal. Some may say it’s even irresponsible. So we are going to charge you a nickel. A nickel for an evening’s worth of booze. Just do the math. Unfortunately, this offer is not blindly extended to all of our friends and accomplices, but those select few with the clever spark and audacity to engage in theatre without a formal stage.

Send us your idea for a piece of Discreet Theatre. Drop it in the submission box at The Hideout, or email it to: Give us a date and outline of what you propose to do. Once a week (or more, depending) we will select a winner and activate their 5-cent bar tab, which will last the duration of their performance at the Hideout and umbrella the drinks of the active participants. All you can (legally) drink in one night, for performing within the walls of The Hideout. We don’t have a television. Entertain. Be clever. Blur the boundaries between life and performance. Give someone a story that they will never forget. Just be subtle. Ease into it. Be discreet. People are watching.

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